On Tennis: Roger Federer, Riding High, Isn’t Underestimating Hyeon Chung

“Sure, it’s a great one,” Federer said of his season so far. “But you know how it is. You can’t plan for these runs to happen. Either they happen or they don’t. Sometimes you just need a bit of luck to keep the runs going, and this year it’s just been really good, you know, solid matches.“

He added: “We’ll see how long it lasts, really. This might be the last day. So we’ll see. It’s just how it goes. Don’t jinx it.”

The bespectacled Chung had to deal with misfortune of his own making in Australia, developing severe blisters after neglecting to shave down the soles of his feet. He ended up with open sores that required repeated painkilling injections, although those did not prevent him from retiring during the semifinal in Melbourne with Federer leading 6-1, 5-2.

“Seeing the blister after, that wasn’t very nice,” Federer said, looking the slightest bit squeamish. “I can just imagine how much pain there is to it. You kind of want to go out and give it a shot, but then you’re like, I probably shouldn’t. You’re just stuck in a situation which is hard, so I felt for him.”

Chung, a 21-year-old South Korean who is up to 26 in the ATP…

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