Peterson explains why he insists he's best CB

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Patrick Peterson said he likes to let his play do his talking for him, but that didn’t stop the Arizona Cardinals cornerback from opining about his contemporaries during a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports.

Atop that list are Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks and Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins, players with whom he has publicly feuded in the past.

When asked if he resents that others who are more outspoken may get more publicity, he shrugs.

“I do my talking between the white lines,” Peterson said. “I show the world what my hard work does between the white lines, because that speaks more than words. And that speaks longer than words.

“I don’t need to be boastful or brash. ‘Oh, look at me.’ I’m all about the team, I don’t want to take that focus away from the team. At the end of the day, I know I’m the best. I know I can get in the face of the receiver and I mean much more to my team versus those guys to their…

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