Playoffs prove franchise QBs are overrated

It’s officially time to retire the notion that the NFL is a quarterback’s league. We made this same observation last season, but it’s never been more clear with Philadelphia’s Nick Foles, Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles and Minnesota’s Case Keenum all vying for a spot in the Super Bowl.

At one time, referring to the NFL as a quarterback’s league made sense. Then the quarterback bubble was created when Joe Flacco got hot for a month in 2013, led Baltimore to a Super Bowl and essentially forced them into giving him an $120 million contract. That same bubble officially burst when Derek Carr, who has never started a playoff game, signed a deal last offseason that made him the highest-paid player in NFL history only for Matthew Stafford, owner of zero postseason wins, to break that same record weeks later.

Paying starting quarterbacks has become an all or nothing proposition for teams. If a quarterback is good enough to start, he has to be paid like Aaron Rodgers or he’s leaving (which never happens … outside of Washington). That has driven up the price of quarterbacks so much, we’re at the point where a quarterback as good as Stafford is actually less valuable to a team than a career…

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