Scott Perry, New Knicks G.M., Likes Things ‘Clean and Neat’

“I think that all the pieces of the puzzle have prepared him for this,” Kimberly said during a recent interview in a sitting room in their Upper West Side apartment. “It is important to him to get it right, but he feels prepared for it. Sometimes people get their shot really young — you see G.M.s at 20 or 30 and they aren’t always ready. That’s why he might seem really calm: It’s because he’s like, ‘Finally.’”

Perry is taking his time getting to know his players. He has watched televised games of Kristaps Porzingis playing in the off season in the European League and he has sat in on some of the rookie Frank Ntilikina’s workouts at the practice center in Westchester County.

So far he has hired five people in the front office and other divisions and last week he signed the veteran guard Jarrett Jack and power forward Michael Beasley. When all of the Knicks are back in New York, he said he intends to get more acquainted with them.

They will find not only a meticulous manager but a basketball veteran.

In the late 1970s, if you were looking for a pickup basketball game in Detroit you would ask Perry. B.J. Armstrong, a childhood friend and current N.B.A….

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