Serena Williams spends time with fellow Olympians

Nick McCarvel, Special for USA TODAY Sports
11:03 p.m. EDT August 31, 2016

NEW YORK — Serena Williams might be the best female tennis player in the world, but Tuesday night at the U.S. Open she met a couple of could-be coaches if she were ever to try and make the Olympics as a different kind of athlete.

The American was greeted by fellow Rio Olympians Simone Manuel and Ibtihaj Muhammad after her first-round win over Ekaterina Makarova, and Manuel came with a swim cap in hand with Williams’ last name emblazoned across it.

“I’m not a big swimmer,” laughed Serena. “I’m really good backwards… though no one believes me. I’m a good backstroker. I’m fast, I just get tired very quickly.”

Both Manuel and Muhammad made history at the Olympics earlier this month, when Manuel became the first black swimmer to win a gold medal in an individual event in the 100 freestyle and Muhammad became the first American athlete to wear a…

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