Snap judgments: UCLA, LSU disappoint

College football’s first weekend is nearly complete, giving us the smallest of small sample sizes from which to extrapolate. So, let’s do just that. Here are the five biggest overreactions to Week 1 results:

1. If Houston goes undefeated, it will play in the four-team College Football Playoff.

Well, it’s way, way, way too early to know if this will be the case. No results occur in a vacuum, and the Cougars would almost definitely need help in the form of some losses for power conference champions, too, to even be considered for one of these selective spots. But Houston’s impressive win against No. 3 Oklahoma certainly ignites the discussion as this is the Group of Five school that has the best shot to crash the party this year.

The problem moving forward? No other games on the remaining schedule against teams of Oklahoma’s caliber, except Louisville, whom the Cougars will play in November.

2. Nick Chubb just took Leonard Fournette’s spot in the Heisman race.

Remember Chubb? The bruising 5-10, 228-pound running back on everyone’s Heisman lists until he…

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