Special Report: Ryder Cup: Rival Ryder Cup Fans and Their Swinging Serenades

Singing in the stands at sporting events is mainstream behavior — any major soccer match in Europe is evidence of that. But singing and the conservative game of golf are stranger bedfellows.


The American Marshals are an answer to the Guardians of the Cup. All the members are from Minnesota, and they have worn hats in honor of the N.F.L.’s Vikings.

Peter Morrison/Associated Press

“We’d go to football or cricket matches,” said Teddy Shuttleworth, 39, one of the Guardians’ founding members. “And the one thing we thought with golf that was missing a little bit was you sit on the first tee at the Ryder Cup and you can feel this extraordinary excitement, a frisson of anticipation for the first tee shot, but there’s no way of releasing it.”

So as they sat at the first tee at the Ryder Cup in 2006, at the K Club in Ireland, Shuttleworth and friends came up with their first witty little ditty.

“Just a couple of lines, and off the back of it, you could really feel this huge release of energy, of people just wanting something to laugh at and cheer about and…

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