Sports Business: Charlie Engle Runs for His Life, Once Again

“I need that moment when I think, ‘This sucks,’” is how he put it.

When he first started running, Engle did it as a form of penance — “I was feeling badly about myself and wanted to punish myself,” he said. Then, as he realized he was good at running long distances, ultramarathons — and other, even more extreme events — became a way to test his limits and, to some extent, build his celebrity. Five years ago, running took on another role in his life: It helped keep him sane. Now, Engle runs long distances not only because he loves it but because it is one thing he can do that nobody can take away from him.

To put it another way, running has saved his life.


Engle said he started running to punish himself.

Kevin D. Liles for The New York Times

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