Sports of The Times: Facing Congress, Some Sports Officials (Not All) Begin to Confront Sexual Abuse

“He began to massage my legs, and then quickly moved inwards on my thighs,” she said. “He then massaged his way into me.”

Give these women credit for telling their stories. They’re a main reason Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, decided to introduce a bill that would make it mandatory for national governing bodies of Olympic sports to report sexual assault to the police. It would be a federal crime not to report abuse.

Give Adams credit, too. In the past, the Olympic committee had failed to prioritize the issue of sexual assault and appeared to turn a blind eye to the issue by handing it off to the governing bodies of each Olympic sport. But on Tuesday, finally, Adams said something that was a long time coming.

He said sorry.

“The Olympic community failed the people it was supposed to protect,” said Adams, the head of organizational development for the national governing sports bodies, which exist under the umbrella of the United States Olympic Committee. “We do take responsibility, and we apologize to any young athlete who has ever faced abuse.”


Senator Dianne Feinstein…

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