Starlin Castro, a Star Without Patience, Can’t Wait for Wrigley Return

So it is that when Castro, now in his second season with the Yankees, returns to Wrigley Field on Friday afternoon, two of his current teammates — relief pitchers Aroldis Chapman and Adam Warren, who each spent several months with the Cubs last season — will be belatedly presented with World Series rings, while Castro will probably be showered with the most applause.

“I can’t wait to go over there and hear from the fans the first time they announce me,” said Castro, who has looked forward to this series for months, relishing his memories of day baseball, the ivy-covered walls and — especially, he added with a smile — the wind blowing out, not in.

Last week, when the Cubs had a day off in Boston while the Yankees finished a series there, Castro lunched with a good friend, the Cubs reliever Pedro Strop.


Castro’s two-run, ninth-inning homer for the Yankees last Friday helped them rally to beat the Orioles. He is batting .362 with 16 R.B.I.

Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

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