Stephen Curry, on a ‘Surreal’ Day, Confronts a Presidential Snub

As a player and as a coach, Kerr has visited the White House on several occasions. And despite his well-publicized criticism of the current administration, Kerr said in June that he was open to the idea of the Warriors’ visiting the White House as something of a unifying gesture.

“I think we would, in normal times, easily be able to set aside political views, and go visit and have a great time,” Kerr said Saturday. “But these are not ordinary times. Probably the most divisive times in my life, I guess, since Vietnam, when I was just a kid.”

He added, “The president made it really, really difficult for us to honor that institution.”

On Friday, at the team’s annual media day ahead of the start of training camp, Curry said that the Warriors had not decided as a team whether they would visit the White House and that they planned to talk about it at a meeting. But Curry said that if it were up to him, he would not go. That seemed to be the consensus among the players.

On Saturday morning, Trump made the Warriors’ decision for them when he tweeted that the invitation had been “withdrawn” because Curry was “hesitating.”

As Kerr put it, “He was going…

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