Survey: Pro teams avoiding Trump hotels


SportsPulse: Trysta Krick speaks with USA TODAY Sports reporter Nancy Armour about Vice President Mike Pence’s controversial exit from an NFL game this past weekend.

A year ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers found different accommodations than their usual digs in Chicago — Trump International Hotel and Tower — for the National League Championship Series against the Cubs. 

The change came after at least one Dodgers player (Adrian Gonzalez) refused to stay at the skyscraper that bears President Donald Trump’s name. But the Dodgers are hardly alone in seeking other accommodations on the road among sports teams.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that no team — out of 105 franchises responding to the survey across the four major sports leagues — confirmed that it stays at a Trump hotel on the road. 

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According to the report, 17 teams stated they had stayed at a Trump hotel within the past seven years, and at least 16 found other…

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