The Trusted Grown-Ups Who Steal Millions From Youth Sports

In Wisconsin, a self-described soccer mom confessed to another soccer mom about taking money from the local club, only to discover she was taking even more money.

A woman in Vermont was convicted of stealing from a fund established to honor a dead child who had been a club member.

The exposure of embezzlement leaves communities thunderstruck and wounded at the revelation of neighbors stealing from neighbors, friends cheating friends. The children of the accused are often best friends with the children of the accusers.

“I couldn’t comprehend having to tell the 700 kids in our entire membership that the money was gone and they couldn’t play soccer anymore because their treasurer was a thief,” Diane Miller, the Tri-Boro Youth Soccer Club’s current treasurer, said last month, recalling Farley’s arrest in 2013.

“I wanted to cry.”

Skimming and Spending

While the preponderance of cases occurs in suburbia, there have been dozens of arrests in farm communities and in big cities, too, including Manhattan.

“There’s always a lot of cash involved in these organizations, and whenever there’s cash, there’s people eyeing the…

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