The Warriors' magic number: How 300 has helped fuel a dynasty


SportsPulse: The matchup we have all been waiting for is finally here. USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick details the series’ story lines and makes a prediction.

The ball has energy.

Ask any of the Golden State Warriors about their vaunted offense, or about Steve Kerr’s passing project when he took over as coach in the summer of 2014, and they all say it comes down to that basketball truth. Move the ball once, and you move a defender. Move it a few more times, and it’s as if Luke Skywalker himself is forcing the entire defense off the floor. Commit to this selfless style, and even Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics wouldn’t be able to stop this high-scoring system.

As Warriors guard Shaun Livingston put it, “Ball movement will forever be superior.”

Or will it?

Therein lies the most compelling question of the Western Conference finals between Golden State and Houston that begins Monday.

While the James Harden and Chris Paul-led Rockets are the experts of isolation, the Warriors have long since…

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