Trade deadline done, NHL teams gear up for playoff push

2:21 a.m. EST March 2, 2016

PHOENIX (AP) — Not many teams made big deals at the NHL trade deadline, leaving some fans feeling let down when their contending teams headed into the playoff push with no new toys.

Other fans realize it’s often best for good teams to stick with what made them good.

The general feeling of anti-climax around the annual deadline reflected the tight nature of the NHL playoff race and the forbearance of executives unwilling to pay the market’s high prices for a midseason gamble on team chemistry.

Los Angeles general manager Dean Lombardi is unafraid to make a risky midseason deal to improve his powerhouse club, and his trades have worked out splendidly — Jeff Carter and Marian Gaborik come to mind — more often than they’ve hurt him.

But Lombardi and other top executives didn’t want to do something just to keep up with the Bowmans.

“I think that’s dangerous,” Lombardi said. “You’ve got to look at your team, and (the question) has always been, ‘How good are we?’ Yes, you look at your (potential playoff) matchups, but I think if you get yourself into that, you may be throwing around first-rounders before you know…

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