Trucking on the PGA Tour, With 72,000 Pounds of Equipment

His office is now a 15-foot-wide trailer that is equal parts workshop, clubhouse and rock ’n’ roll tour bus. Overhead, fluorescent lights shine onto stainless-steel countertops, automatic sliding glass doors, flat-screen televisions and a stocked mini-fridge. Weekday work is a frenzy of activity helping players with what they need for the tournament ahead.

“We’re like a pit crew,” Liles said, “for golf.”

And afterward, while the other crew members fly home each week, the drivers begin the long haul. Bezuk estimates he spends 200 nights in hotels each season. Many of the trucks drive in packs, a rumbling golf armada that stops at the same rest places and parks overnight at the same hotels. But in case of emergency, Liles keeps a PlayStation in the bunk of his cabin to ward off the fatigue of the road.

By season’s end in October, he will have worked seven consecutive weeks.

“It’s Friday for us,” Liles said, referring to the end of the season. “It’s been a long week, but it’s Friday right now. We’re all looking forward to the weekend.”

Next year, the crews could be getting even busier. This month, Nike announced that it would soon shutter its…

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