U.F.C. 205: Conor McGregor Backs Up His Big Talk in New York

McGregor has a gift of gab that reminds some of the young Muhammad Ali. In the days before the fight, as is his wont, he berated his opponent, slinging invective as easily as he slings punches. Showmanship is part of the ethos of the U.F.C., and no one is better at it than McGregor. He showed up late to Thursday’s press conference, wearing a mink coat, boasted, “I predict I rearrange his face,” and battled Alvarez over his belt, eventually picking up a chair and threatening to throw it.

Overlooked in the McGregor hype was Alvarez, who after all was the champion. Alvarez seemed to try to match McGregor’s insults but never quite had the Irishman’s panache, and certainly could not match his popularity in the Garden. The Irish and Irish Americans were well represented in the crowd.


Conor McGregor, front, taunting Eddie Alvarez during their lightweight title bout.

Ryan Christopher Jones for The New York Times

‘The Irish, we built this town,” McGregor had shouted before the fight. “Now we’re coming back to claim…

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