U.S. Open Special: The Electric, Infuriating Nick Kyrgios

It was just before noon on a swampy July morning when Nick Kyrgios came walking through the parking lot of the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Fla., on his way to practice. He wore black shorts and a black basketball jersey, and his haircut straddled the line between a faux-hawk and a fade; a racket bag was slung over his shoulders, and his eyes were fixed on two smartphones, one in each hand. Kyrgios, a 21-year-old Australian of Greek and Malaysian descent — and quite possibly the most gifted tennis player to come along since Roger Federer — was accompanied by an improbable crew: a 13-year-old from Philadelphia named Tauheed Browning and a 14-year-old from Maryland named Langston Williams, two promising juniors who were training at the academy. They had bonded with Kyrgios over a shared infatuation with Pokémon GO, the blockbuster mobile game, and the three were apparently now inseparable. They had gone to the movies and the mall together.

They were playing the game, laughing and talking excitedly, as they arrived at the practice court. Kyrgios, who recently reached a career-high ranking of No. 16 in the world, took a seat, put down the phones, opened his bag and…

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