UEFA strongly condemns Croatian striker Ante Rebic

Ante Rebic joined the Italian giants Milan a week ago.

The Croatian striker joined the Rossoneri from the German team Eintracht Frankfurt where he played qualifying matches for the Europa League.

But in his last match in European competitions against the French team Strasbourg, Rebic was punished with a red card.

The Croat made a fierce interference against the opponent and after being red-handed he protested harshly to the referee of the match.


This has led UEFA’s biggest home football club to punish him severely.

The 25-year-old has been sentenced to five non-games in European competitions.

Fortunately for Milan, this edition does not take part in the international arena, but the penalty applies to the previous edition.

If Milan qualify for the European Championships, Rebic will not be able to play in the first five meetings.

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