US, Canada, Mexico ask FIFA for faster World Cup bid process


Published 4:21 a.m. ET April 11, 2017 | Updated 51 minutes ago

GENEVA (AP) — The North American bid to host the 2026 World Cup has asked FIFA for a decision in June 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

In a letter seen by The Associated Press, the soccer federations from the United States, Canada and Mexico asked FIFA to consider their request next month in Bahrain at its annual congress.

The bid, launched in New York on Monday, is likely the only realistic option for FIFA’s 211 member federations who are scheduled to choose the 2026 host in May 2020. That timetable could be fast-tracked on May 11 in Manama.

The extra agenda item, written in the letter dated March 11, asks FIFA members to make a “principle decision” for the 2026 tournament to be “jointly and cooperatively organized” in North America.


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