Vikings RB Dalvin Cook concentrates on becoming 'a better person'

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. – It’s a routine question NFL teams ask incoming prospects, but it meant more when Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman posed it to Dalvin Cook on the morning of Day 2 of the NFL Draft:

Who’s coming with you?

Cook planned on living alone, he said, and that was an answer the Vikings wanted to hear. Because for all the raves NFL people heard out of Florida State about Cook leading up to the draft – good heart, great running back, A-plus program guy – a big reason a potential top-10 pick slid out of the first round was concern about whether he could be trusted to leave trouble behind.

“You’ve always got to put that stuff behind you,” Cook told USA TODAY Sports of his past issues after a recent practice. “It can be a learning tool for a lot of people. I go back home and I talk to some of the people in the neighborhood, I just try to get them to learn from my situation and just build from that. And that’s what I’m doing – building as a man, becoming a better person, with better people in the locker room and just being around the vets and learning how to be a pro.”

Cook’s first…

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