Von Miller of the Broncos Took a Knee, Then a Sponsor Drew Scrutiny

The situation arose Monday morning — just hours after Miller had taken the symbolic knee. At that time, KOAA-TV, which delivers news to Southern Colorado, reported that Miller had lost an endorsement deal with Phil Long Dealerships, specifically Phil Long Ford of Denver.

The station later said it had based that on an email sent to media outlets on Monday by the advertising agency that represents Phil Long Dealerships. According to the station, the email said: “Please note ALL Von Miller ads needs to be removed. He is no longer a part of Phil Long.”

The news report has been removed from KOAA’s website. But The Denver Post reported that the station had said the dealership dropped Miller’s endorsement “because of his protest.”

Later on Monday, Robert Wilson, a spokesman for Vanguard Sports, which represents Miller, told the station that discussions were underway to renew the linebacker’s contract with the dealership but that the dealership said it had “decided not to move forward with the contract this year.”

But he also said Miller had not had a deal in place for months, so the linebacker had not been “fired.” He…

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