Wheaton College Football Players Charged With Violent Hazing Attack

Mr. Cooksey, Mr. Pettway and Mr. TeBos did not respond to voice mail messages seeking comment on Tuesday. Phone calls to Mr. Spielman and Mr. Kregel were not answered, and Mr. Kregel did not respond to an email seeking comment. Mike Swider, who is the head coach and has worked on the Wheaton coaching staff for 33 years, also did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The victim, whose name prosecutors did not release, provided a statement about the episode through his lawyer, Terry A. Ekl. In the statement, he accused the suspects of abducting him from a dorm room on March 19, 2016; wrapping duct tape around his arms, legs and chest; and transporting him in a vehicle to a baseball field. On the way there, he said, they beat him; partly stripped him; threatened to rape him; tried to sodomize him with an unidentified object; and took his phone, wallet and one shoe. They then dumped him half-naked in the field shortly before midnight, he said.

During the assault the assailants played Middle Eastern music on their car radio, put on fake Middle Eastern accents and threatened to rape him, the victim said. His lawyer said the victim was not Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent and…

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