When ‘Everyone’s Grandma’ Is the Town’s Little League Thief

The case also draws in many of the characteristic elements: theft by a trusted volunteer, rifts in a scandalized community, lasting consequences, lingering suspicion and, ultimately, a plucky, stirring recovery by the league.

“The whole township was broken up by it,” Mr. Pizzo said. “It was a nightmare.”

It all started in the basement of the home of the board member Dennis McKay, a certified public accountant who lives a few houses down from the Dimitries near the western edge of town.

Mr. McKay’s children routinely rode their bikes in the neighborhood of tightly spaced houses, waving and smiling at the Dimitries, who always seemed to be outside working on their home. Mr. McKay was friendly with the Dimitries too, but he still had a hunch something was amiss with the league’s finances. Why, he wondered, were his sons wearing the same old uniforms year to year?

It took months, but Mr. McKay finally got access to the league’s bank statements in early 2014, when he and other new board members staged a coup and deposed Ms. Dimitrie as the treasurer. Mr. McKay immediately saw hundreds of checks, some for as much as $5,000, that were made out to the Dimitries —…

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