Who Needs Trade Talks? These Days, General Managers Just Use Emojis

This is the 24/7 life of a modern baseball executive, who operates in a world where analytics have already altered the way rosters are constructed and in-game strategies are carried out. Technology has also altered how the sport’s decision-makers communicate with one another — in humorous, contemporary ways.

The haggling over the phone, or even in person, still goes on, of course, but is now being supplanted in part by more and more text messages, emojis and GIFs. Yes, even GIFs.


Mariners General Manager Jerry Dipoto, left, with his star pitcher, Felix Hernandez, has learned the fine art of working out trades via texting.

Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

“My wife, in particular, loves that we’re texting and calling people all the time,” Mike Chernoff, the general manager of the Cleveland Indians, said with more than a little sarcasm in his voice. “It’s really helped our relationship.”

In the life cycle of baseball, the two periods of intense front-office activity are the days leading up to the July 31 trade deadline and the off-season, when rosters…

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