Why People in Mississippi Have to Watch the Giants

Early Window

Week 11 is a doubleheader week for CBS, meaning it is showing games in both an early window (1 p.m., Eastern time) and a late window (4:25 p.m.). CBS and Fox have nine doubleheader weeks and eight singleheader weeks apiece throughout the season. When a network has a doubleheader the other network has a singleheader; the exception is Week 17, when they both have doubleheaders.

CBS generally broadcasts the American Football Conference, while Fox broadcasts the National Football Conference. When there are interconference matchups, like the Chiefs versus the Giants, the conference of the road team determines which network gets the broadcast. But some matchups are “cross-flexed” onto networks they wouldn’t normally be on.

In Week 11, this means the Buffalo at Los Angeles Chargers game — between two A.F.C. teams — is on Fox. Therefore, CBS has three games in the early window and two in the late window.

Kansas City at Giants

Kansas City at the Giants is the early-window game with the widest footprint, going to about 45 percent of the country. This game will be seen widely in the New York and Kansas City areas, as well as in New England and the areas of…

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