Will College Football Playoff selection come easy?

Through more than 3½ seasons of Football Four Playoff Projections, it’s been shown that games against tough opponents — particularly on the road — tend to shake up the prospective Playoff field.

This season is proving to be an anomaly. Through nine weeks, and on the eve of the College Football Playoff selection committee’s first top 25 ranking (7 p.m. ET, ESPN), a Playoff of the top four teams in the FBS would draw nary a legitimate complaint.

For the second consecutive week, the same four teams — the minimum number possible — received votes in the Playoff Projection. Alabama remained the top projected seed, a position it has held all season, and Washington held steady at No. 4 for the second consecutive week. Even the voting point breakdown was nearly unchanged from last week. The only difference was Clemson, after a cunning performance at Florida State, trading places with Michigan for the No. 2 seed.

“It’s suddenly pretty clear, which only means it soon won’t be,” said Playoff Projection panelist…

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