With a Name Like Duff, He Should Work in Golf

The Scottish Open returns to Gullane Golf Club for the second time in four years this week. Located in East Lothian, about 20 miles east of Edinburgh, the course sits on the blustery southern shore of Scotland and has featured a classic seaside links course for more than 350 years. Last year, the Open joined the European Tour’s Rolex Series, an eight-tournament swing with each event having a $7 million winning purse.

Stewart Duff, 50, Gullane’s course manager, talked about storm winds, hosting pressures and who he thinks will contend. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

What added pressure comes with hosting the Scottish Open?

I think it’s just the expectancy of everybody. I come from the small town, Gullane, of about 3,500 people. Most people play golf and are members of the golf club and play the courses around Gullane. The golf course is very much a part of the town. You want it in the best possible condition for them, yourself, the staff and members and the town as well. And of course the tour players. It’s a lot of pressure to please everybody, but it’s good to have pressure.

What did you learn from first hosting the Open in 2015?

As much as we tried to…

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