Worth the weight? Pack could give Lacy another chance

You can’t blame the Green Bay Packers if they’re tempted to let Eddie Lacy’s weight issues become somebody else’s problem.

But they shouldn’t. Not yet.

Lacy is a free agent this offseason, and while you never know about these things, he’ll probably have limited value on the NFL’s open market. Teams are aware of his weight problems, and he’s coming off an ankle injury that required surgery and ended his 2016 season after five games.

So there’s a good chance Lacy will have to sign a one-year deal to prove to the league his ankle is fine and he can get, and keep, the weight off.

I contacted an agent who has studied the running back market because of a client hitting free agency, and he guessed that Lacy will get a deal worth about $2 million plus plenty of incentives. Maybe it will end up being more, but if it’s even near that range, that’s low risk for the Packers.

It’s worth a last shot because Lacy is one of general manager Ted Thompson’s most talented picks of the last several…

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