Would you pay 99 cents for five minutes of an NBA game? Bleacher Report may soon let you


A promotional video showing the upcoming Bleacher Report Live streaming service, which is launching in April.
Turner/Bleacher Report

Turner and its Bleacher Report sports site are making a pitch to sports streamers: a new flexible pay subscription video service for live NBA and other sports action.

The Bleacher Report Live service, set to launch next month on Android, iOS, and the web, will offer a wide variety of mainstream and niche sports including the NBA, UEFA Champions League and Europa League soccer, NCAA sports, National Lacrosse League, and World Armwrestling League.

Bleacher Report Live will be free during its first months available and then begin implementing “flexible pricing options” — unannounced and to be determined — for individual live games and season-long subscriptions. During the NBA regular season which begins next fall, Bleacher Report will let fans watch live NBA games in progress at a reduced price (no price announced yet).

Viewers might be able to buy an NBA video snack — five minutes of live action — for perhaps 99…

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