WTA Finals: Darren Cahill Has Coached Different Players, but Gets the Same Winning Result

I also think the women’s game and men’s game, while they play in the same dimensions and it’s the same set of white lines, they see the game differently to a large extent because of the speed factor, the power factor, the strength factor. The men’s game to me is a little more black and white, and the players see it that way. They can digest information and execute information a little differently because of those three factors I spoke about.


As a player, Darren Cahill reached No. 22 in the world in singles and made the semifinals of the 1988 United States Open.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The women see the game a little more in color and it’s a little more complicated. You’ve got to do more to get things done because you can’t rely on one particular shot to a large degree to finish matches and so with that comes a lot of emotion and nervousness.

In tennis, you were early into analytics and video analysis with Andre Agassi. How much are you doing that now? And how much has tennis coaching changed?

I was using a system called SportsCode, breaking down…

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