Zack Kassian hits Erik Cernak in chest with skate during Oilers-Lightning game


The NHL has had a handful of players injured this season when they were accidentally cut by skates.

But Thursday night, Edmonton Oilers forward Zack Kassian pushed Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak in the chest with his skate.

“He kicked me when he was on the ice,” Cernak, who wasn’t hurt, told reporters. “I think he was a little mad at me.”

The incident occurred late in the first period. Kassian checked Cernak near the blue line. Oilers forward Josh Archibald then lost his balance and knocked over both two players.

Cernak held the two Oilers down and Kassian, after talking to him, pushed his skate into the Lightning defenseman’s chest before getting up.

No penalty was called on the play.

“He was holding my leg. It was just reactionary,” Kassian said, according to Sportsnet. “I was just trying to get him off me, kick him off me. I was just trying to get my foot loose.”

He added: “If I kicked him hard, he would have flew back, or the ref would have called a penalty.”

NHL players have lots of padding on their chest, so Cernak was fine. He took a…

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