All-Star party could be over for Carmelo, Wade


Published 2:30 a.m. ET Jan. 23, 2017 | Updated 26 minutes ago

Dwyane Wade hasn’t had to often rely on Eastern Conference coaches. Carmelo Anthony never has.

Now the coaches could be the only way the two veterans participate in the All-Star Game.

Neither was voted a starter and both face tough odds to get picked as reserves this week for next month’s game in New Orleans.

Anthony had been elected a starter in all five full seasons with the Knicks, part of his eight starts among his nine All-Star appearances. But the fan support wasn’t there this season and he didn’t get any help from the media or fellow players in the first season they were included in the voting process.

He might get some from coaches, who still praise him as a dangerous scorer at 32 years old.

“I would love to be a part of that weekend, represent not only the Knicks but represent New York as a city down there in New Orleans,” Anthony said….

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