App Smart: Put Yourself in the Soccer Game (No Shin Guards Needed)


The Dream League Soccer 2016 app, free on iOS and Android, has an onscreen joystick and three buttons for controlling how players kick or pass the ball or intercept opposing players.

MANY soccer aficionados — which means pretty much half the world — are focused right now on the UEFA Euro 2016 championship, a big event that has brought together two dozen teams from countries across Europe. That makes it an opportune time to look at some apps that can help fans keep up with news of the sport, understand the championships and get a flavor of what it is like to play soccer.

For straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth news about the Euro 2016 championship, the official UEFA app is the first place to look. It aggregates news and is a social media portal and source for official championship information. The app provides information about coming games, scores in earlier matches, and data on individual players and their history.

The app is easy to navigate. But if you are new to soccer, there is little to explain what is going on and not much in the way of emotionally charged content to pique your interest. The app is free at…

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