Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie. Washed Down With Champagne.

As Major League Baseball’s postseason is nearing the biggest celebration of all — the Houston Astros need one more victory to win the World Series, the Dodgers need two — it seems appropriate to ask: Where does this ritual come from?

“Great question, but I have no idea,” said Cubs reliever Pedro Strop, who celebrated a lot last year when his team snapped a 108-year drought and finally won the Series. He was speaking during a slippery and sticky moment this month after the Cubs beat the Washington Nationals in a five-game division series.

“It’s been like this for years,’’ he added. “It’s actually really fun. It’s like it’s raining and you’re running around to avoid getting wet.”

Few, if any, sports seem to celebrate achievements as much as baseball teams do. In the other major professional sports leagues in North America, teams do not usually pop the corks until they win an actual championship.


The Los Angeles Dodgers have been also been soaking one another in champagne and beer this month, including a celebration at Wrigley Field in Chicago when they won the National League pennant.

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