Dodgers’ Yu Darvish Confronts His Very Bad World Series

Darvish’s decision was based in part on the number of reporters looking to get answers from him, and his desire not to create a traffic jam in the somber Dodgers clubhouse. But there also seemed to be a measure of accountability in his choice, as if he felt it was incumbent on him to sit in the spotlight and answer all of the questions about why he had pitched so poorly.


Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts patted Darvish on the back after relieving him in the second inning.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

“I had bad days,” he said, “and that means somebody else had a great day. I try to think of it that way, and sometimes it works. Maybe this time it didn’t work because I let my teammates down.”

Darvish, who came to the major leagues in 2012 amid a good deal of fanfare and joined the Dodgers in July in a trade designed to fortify their chances to win a championship, is hardly the first player to stumble so profoundly in the Series. There have been many of them over the decades and, as it turns out, Darvish’s awful performance is a perfect match for the one…

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