Does Time Capsule Hold a Ball Signed by Babe Ruth? They’ll Know in 2130

If there is a treasure there, he and everyone else on the busy sidewalk that day will most likely never find out.


The cornerstone today. Current store executives were unaware that a time capsule had been sealed there.

Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

The capsule believed to contain the Ruth baseball is supposed to stay closed until April 2130 — 200 years after the cornerstone-laying ceremony, according to news reports about the event. And it is impossible to know whether the baseball has survived behind the facade — and if so, whether it can last 113 more years. There is even a chance that it was never sealed into the cornerstone in the first place.

Although several newspapers reported that a baseball signed by Ruth had been placed there, executives connected to the store today, including a Bloomingdale descendant, said they had never heard of it.

John Ernst, 76, whose grandfather Samuel J. Bloomingdale spoke at the ceremony in 1930, said that he did not remember hearing stories about the cornerstone and that the family, as far as he knew, had no records of the…

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