For Many Golfers, Fathers Serve as the Caddies of Life

“It was brutal,” Day said, adding: “If he was alive still, he’d be the one thing that would be holding me back. He was one of those guys that would be out here on the range every day. He’d have a lot of input into what I was doing. Whether it was good advice or bad advice, it didn’t matter; I’d probably have to listen because he was very strict that way.”

Day, 28, insists that he will not raise his 3-year-old son, Dash, the same way. In their relationship, he joked, the son is the one setting the target for the father.

“He always says to me before each tournament, ‘On Sunday, make sure you win because I want to kiss the trophy,’ ” Day, a three-time winner in 2016, said, laughing.

His dynamic with his son is different from what he had with his father. “We discipline Dash when we need to,” Day said. “I understand that. But I want to be one of those dads who’s fun to hang out with. I’m more of a kid myself when I’m hanging around Dash.”

The Days’ me-and-my-best-friend vibe comes across loud and dear in a video commercial made by Day’s equipment sponsor, TaylorMade. The promotional spot, coordinated to air around Father’s Day and…

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