Jason Kipnis, Second Baseman, Looks Pretty Good in Center, Too

The Indians are counting on Kipnis to continue this quick adjustment in a way that a World Series contender has not since perhaps 1968, when the Detroit Tigers moved center fielder Mickey Stanley to shortstop just before the start of the Series. He committed two errors but neither led to a run and the Tigers beat the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games.

After helping the Indians to the brink of a championship last season, Kipnis has had a jagged 2017 campaign, going on the disabled list three times with shoulder and hamstring problems.


Kipnis warming up in the outfield earlier this month.

Ron Schwane/Associated Press

But he was able to spend the last half of September and the beginning of October trying to regain his hitting stroke and refresh himself with a once-familiar position. In all, Kipnis, who is still likely to be replaced in late innings for defense if the Indians are ahead, played 11 games in center field before the season ended and handled 14 chances without an error.

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