Next Feat for Novak Djokovic? Perhaps a Grand Slam


Novak Djokovic lay in a heart he drew in the French Open clay after defeating Andy Murray on Sunday in the men’s final.

David Vincent/Associated Press

PARIS — A day or so before the French Open began and the rain started to fall, Novak Djokovic shot a series of short, amusing commercials with Gustavo Kuerten, the genial, mop-topped, three-time French Open champion from Brazil.

In one of the spots, Djokovic, who at that point had never won the tournament, asked Kuerten for the secret of Roland Garros.

The power, Kuerten said as they sat in a car, is in the hair, and he presented Djokovic with a curly wig that the Serb dutifully placed atop his head, almost like a crown.

Two weeks later, Djokovic stood atop a platform holding the Coupe des Mousquetaires aloft as champion of France. It was his first French Open title, and it made him the holder of all four major crowns at the same time, unifying the tennis world under his unquestionable dominion.

It was also Djokovic’s 12th Grand Slam singles title, tying him with the Australian great Roy Emerson. Perhaps even…

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