Novak Djokovic Beats Andy Murray to Claim Elusive French Open Title

Though Djokovic has won the four major tournaments in the last 12 months, he has not won them all in the same calendar year, which is what defines the true Grand Slam. But he is now in position to chase one of the ultimate prizes in international sports, just as Serena Williams did last year before faltering within sight of the finish line in the semifinals of the United States Open.

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I really think everything is achievable in life,” Djokovic said.


Novak Djokovic during the men’s single final match at the French Open on Sunday.

Yoan Valat/European Pressphoto Agency

If he could win Wimbledon and the United States Open this year and also win the singles title at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in August, he would give new meaning to his childhood coach Jelena Gencic’s vision of his potential by completing the so-called Golden Slam. (Gencic, now deceased, told Djokovic’s parents that Djokovic was a “golden child.”)

He has grown up to be quite a champion; an articulate one, too. Few tennis players have better…

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