PGA Junior League Golf teaches kids to play as team

PGA Junior League Golf has grown immensely over the last half-decade. Corrections and Clarifications: An earlier version of this video contained incorrect spellings of the names of Mike Aldrich and Stacy Miller-Arndt.

BETHESDA, Md. – With numbered jerseys on their backs, the kids warm up, getting ready for competition. As they converse with one another, making jokes typical of elementary-school-aged kids, their coaches struggle to ensure they’re ready for the start of play.

While that’s going on, parents set up lawn chairs and talk with one another, ready to watch their kids compete. 

No, this isn’t a soccer or baseball game but rather a youth recreational golf league match for young boys and girls at Congressional Country Club. This internal league is part of a program called the PGA Junior League Golf (JLG) program, a product of PGA REACH.

“The program was created to introduce kids to the sport in a fun, recreational environment, playing on teams that would help us in the PGA’s mission to grow the game of golf and really…

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