The Yankees’ Judge’s Chambers: A Promotion to Dismiss?

As a bonus, fans sitting in the Judge’s Chambers may be awarded five seconds of fame on television, shown standing and cheering when Judge does something special. But this last part of the deal happens with less and less frequency of late, as Yankees fans know all too well.


Aaron Judge played right field during the Yankees’ matchup against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday.

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

Many superstitious rooters might argue the chambers had something to do with that, right alongside the home run derby that Judge won during this year’s All-Star festivities. Too much pressure, too soon? Something happened to Judge, for sure.

The same Ruthian figure who batted .329 with 30 homers and 66 runs batted in, and with an on-base percentage of .448, swooned into an epic slump after the All-Star break. Since then, he has been hitting just around .180 and had managed just seven more homers going into Friday night’s game against Boston. He now strikes out in more than a third of his at-bats. During a recent record-breaking streak, he struck out at…

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