Tribunal finds Maria Sharapova solely at fault

USA TODAY Sports’ Nick McCarvel discusses Maria Sharapova’s two0year ban for testing positive for the banned substance meldonium at the Australian Open.

Maria Sharapova didn’t intentionally flout anti-doping rules, but the blame for her positive tests for meldonium lies squarely with her.

In announcing a two-year suspension, the independent tribunal tasked with hearing her case rejected arguments put forth by the tennis star for her failed tests and laid the blame squarely at her feet.

“She is the sole author of her own misfortune,” the tribunal concludes.

In a 33-page decision from the tribunal, which was released by the International Tennis Federation on Wednesday, the three-member panel lays out arguments put forth by Sharapova and her lawyer, John J. Haggerty, explains why it rejected many of them and outlines the reason for her two-year ban.

Sharapova announced that she plans to appeal that suspension, which would keep her from competing until Jan. 26, 2018, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Since announcing on March 7 that she had tested…

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