Warriors 117, Nets 101: After Spending One Half as Warriors’ Equal, Nets Return to Reality

The Nets, at 7-21, may have some trouble learning specific lessons from the Warriors, who are an N.B.A.-best 26-4. Penetrating off the dribble, finishing drives above the crowd and hitting clutch jumpers down the stretch are not exactly teachable skills. Neither is composure under defensive pressure.

This was really a simple matter of star power, with no deep analysis required. Even without Draymond Green, who had flown back home after the birth of his son, these Warriors featured a flock of transcendent All-Stars. By contrast, the Nets roster featured two household names — Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin — plus a group of players who would sit on the far end of the bench for most teams.

They tried hard, as the Nets often do. But Golden State entered the game averaging 117.4 points, best in the league, and the Nets do not really have an interior presence on defense. Despite Curry’s 3-for-13 night from beyond the 3-point arc, the Warriors turned the game around quickly in the third quarter, scoring the first 12 points and forcing turnovers by doubling Lopez and blitzing Lin. The Nets’ 65-49 halftime lead was history within seven minutes.


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