Wozniacki shames trolls in Instagram post

Heads up: NSFW language heading your way. 

Caroline Wozniacki recently returned to tennis after being off the tour for two months due to an ankle injury. She can’t play in the Olympics as of right now because she missed two qualifying events, though she’s appealing that decision.

But just because she’s been sidelined doesn’t mean she hasn’t had to deal with the trolls that athletes (especially female athletes) regularly have to fend off. People have been saying vulgar things to her, as well as leaving just plain mean comments like “go back to injury status.”

So Wozniacki decided to do something about it. She posted this Instagram, a collection of the worst things people have said to her, with a pretty spot-on caption.

I am sure your mother would be proud of you if she saw this! So sad! I usually don’t answer haters and very rarely look at my DMs, however behavior like this, bullying, as well as death threats have become more and more “normal” in today’s world. It’s easy to hide behind a screen and write abuse to others. At this point I have grown pretty immune to haters, but there are a lot of people out there who are being called names worse than…

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