40 things we learned in Week 7

USA TODAY Sports’ Tom Pelissero recaps the biggest takeaways from Sunday’s games.

The 40 things we learned from Week 7 of the NFL season:

1. We can sum up the games like this: If the play didn’t result in a penalty, there was a turnover. If there wasn’t a turnover, there was a penalty.

2. It was ugly, folks. Everywhere. Just one of those days.

3. And one of those nights, as the ugliest finish might have been saved for last. A 6-6 tie after missed field goals of 24 and 28 yards? The Cardinals and Seahawks tried to outdo one another in ineptitude and still came to a stalemate.

4. In the 13 games played Sunday, there were 39 turnovers. We will do the math for you: 3 per game. You’ve been to Pop Warner games that didn’t have that many. Heck, you might have gone to some bakeries that didn’t have that many turnovers.

5. The Vikings-Eagles game featured eight, and it is a surprise that figure wasn’t higher. There were five consecutive turnovers in the first quarter.

6. And get this from Jaguars-Raiders: There were 24 penalties for 222 yards. Three…

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