Beckham losing grip after being stifled by Vikes?

MINNEAPOLIS — Of all the baffling things Odell Beckham Jr. said after his latest nationally televised tantrum, his denial that anyone can get into that bleached-blonde head of his might’ve been the most confusing.

“Nobody on another team bothers, upsets me,” the New York Giants’ superstar receiver told reporters with a straight face Monday night, still toweling off from a shower he could’ve used when Minnesota Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes got him hot in the second quarter of the Giants’ 24-10 loss.

“It’s all within us. I only get upset with us, my team, myself. It has nothing to do with anybody else, period. There’s no ‘getting in your head’ or any of that other stuff. That’s all talk to create distraction, which doesn’t really work.”

If that’s the truth, then Beckham might just be hopelessly out of control, rather than a young, incredibly talented player who’s still learning to control his emotions, as Giants coach Ben McAdoo publicly pleaded for him to do in the aftermath of last week’s failed assault on a kicking net.


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