For U.S. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, a Blunt Reminder That Things Could Be Better


United States Coach Jurgen Klinsmann during a 2-0 loss to Colombia at the Copa América in Santa Clara, Calif., on Friday.

Mark Ralston/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

CHICAGO — The president of U.S. Soccer, Sunil Gulati, called into question the job security of the national team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, on Tuesday, telling reporters hours before the United States was to play an important match that Klinsmann’s status could be re-evaluated if the team failed to advance out of the first round of the Copa América this week.

“We need to win a few games,” Gulati said. “I didn’t say Jurgen Klinsmann had to win games. I said we did. No one has ironclad job security; for coaches and players, it’s about results.

“Results are what matter, and everyone understands that,” Gulati added. “The last 18 months over all haven’t been what we would have hoped for, especially in official competition. We’re not where we’d like to be, and while I don’t get too high or too low based on one game, we’ll look at everything at the end of this…

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