Global Soccer: Real Madrid Advances in Champions League but Has Reason to Worry


Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, left, scored the first goal Tuesday in a 2-0 victory over Roma in the Champions League. Madrid advanced to the quarterfinals for a sixth straight year.

Paul White/Associated Press

LONDON — Real Madrid needs to win the Champions League the way a capsized crew needs a life raft. Its team, one of the most expensive ever assembled, won at home, 2-0, to complete what looked like a rout of Roma over the two legs.

Looks can be deceiving.

Though Cristiano Ronaldo scored again for his 90th goal in 123 Champions League appearances, the evidence is that the good ship Real Madrid is less of a force and less complete than Barcelona or Bayern Munich, the two most impressive teams in this year’s tournament.

For more than an hour Tuesday in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, it was Roma that created the better chances.

Created, and squandered.

If only Roma had a finisher remotely like Ronaldo, it would have comfortably wiped out the…

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